best quotes, i guess :)

If you find someone you Love, who Loves you back just the same, lucky you!! Stick to them like glue!! << remorse came too late, be careful buddies! :)

Get real about how you feel, that's how you heal << you must know very well about what you feel, in order to get the best way how to solve it,cheers :)

The first step to getting what you want, is KNOWING what you want! <<
the purpose of life is very important for our survival :)

During the Holidays, if your going to over eat, remember what my mom says. Get off your meat and on your feet! Exercise! << speechless, haha thats my mom say too.not only during the holidays i guess.but everytime,everywhere,so yeaaah -_-

What you put up with... You end up with! << be gentle :)

Sometimes to Love Your self you have to Forgive Your self, let your self off the hook & move on!<<
we also need to know very well about ourselves, start to love your self people :)

ok well, i think enough for this session,
next times I'll continue to write about this anymore. its getting late ya know. i need to sleep so damn damn much. I slept poorly last few days, see yaa buddies. loveee :*



hello people, finally I can write in here again, because few days ago this blogger site could not be accessed, for FASTNET users. oh well, can you imagine how panic i am -__-' . sooooo many stories which i was hard to tell it again, i guess. ya know, at that time very hard to accessed this site, but i just let it flow, because i never think this site will be blocked. but my patient has run out, so i posted twitt in my twitter and asked why this site couldn't be opened. while waited, i played kaskus. and thats my sustance i think, wohooo i got the info that blogspot site has been blocked because of someone. i forgot who he is, because i was very boiled << ( mendidih, kepepet coy) when i checked my twitter, i got reply from my friend,who speak the same. i think, pln was my last post in here ohhh :'(, but thanks god you have come back darling :*


pln berulah

udah lama ga nulis,sekalinya nulis kayanya bakal bikin dosa nihh,grookk

well langsung aja nih, pln berulah banget akhir2 ni.,hampir tiap hari mati listrik.mendiiing lah kalo 2jam dan ga kontinyu tiap hari.nahh ini kadang lebih dari 7 jamdan hampir tipa hari.anjeng banget..
kalo boleh milih sii gw lebih milih mati lampu pagi dah di banding malem.waktu itu mati lampu jam 12 sama jam 2 pagi,najissss bisa merem aja gw kagaa.bersyukurnya gw pas itu lagi libur kuliah,gimana dah nasip gw kalo kuliah..udah sekarang minggu2 uts -___- ( yess bisa alesan kalo ip turun gara2 PLN ). dan satu lagi yg gw pikirin itu adalahh nasip bayi diluar sana.bayi mana tahan sama gelap trus gerah.kasiaaaaaaan aaaaaaaaaaa :'(

everbodys being punk by pln..haha..

udah segitu aja dulu yaa blogger,biarpun sekarang listrik gw masi nyala tetep aja di ubun2 nih mendidiiih.........