this 2 weeks period really killin me,seriously!

i need holiday
i need tons of dvd
i need money
i need my mood booster
i need my cute 'minnie'
i need kinda peace in here
i need a super duper earphone

-------------to be continued-------------


sujuisme (sungminie) syndrome acute

gw mau uas loh tapi pikiran gw kemana, parah emang ni. efeknya manusia2 ini.apalagi yg sendiri itu tuh. mati aja deh dia -_____-
tapi doain aja, semoga hubungan kita awet2 yaa :)

follow my looklet :D

actually, I do not like the dress that became the center of attention, I like something simple. but I am very grateful, with the existence of this looklet site, because I can show my fashion inspiration, which I can not show in my life. This is the most I like, among others. hey you people, you can also see another my collections :D just click thiss »> enter here


and my theory in this fresh year are..

1. try to never look back

2. network more make friends

3. smile more often

4. try to be my highest and my best!

5. #longlive my moron :)

6. wanna leave my old bad habits! i swear i’ll try !

i think that’s all in my mind now. maybe next i’ll write again. my hopes, my another wishes :) and It wouldn’t be new year’s if i didn’t have regrets :D

hey people,enjoy your another year to live, regards :*

goodbye 2009,HELLO 2010 :)

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR PALSSS!! wohooo, new day, new month, new year, new decade, NEW YOU! you are reborn into whatever u want!! New Life is waiting guys! im over exicted haha, actually there’s nothing special, oh no i guess i got a different eve’s :D. i just spent the new year’s eve in my besties house. putri julianti mufida. with another besties akni astari as hagrid ( her hair made me remind of him :D ). well there’s only three of us, another pigs ( maya saputri, adiesty ramanda ) spent their eve’s in lampung.

okayy, first, we started with a poker game. and the losers will got a punished (which can drop your dignity -___- ). well i’ll post the pic later ! after thaaaat (this is the most eagerly awaited) we had dinner, for this time, i thanked god, the two pigs were not here. haha so i can blindly eating !! but hey, i almost forgot. there was Hagrid —,after full, we played bubblessssss, wompaaa! so much lotta lotta fun ya know :D ( i’ll post the pic later too ) oyeaa i cant told the story in detail here. because just a feeling that can describe ahahah ( begaya! ) then we got karaoke until we almost died haha. we sang along until we knew year almost changed. so we ran outside, and saw soooooo many beautiful fireworks. and hugged each other ( D.R.A.M.A ). then we continue our poker game hmm -_- hey you know, but i love this part because i can show my revenge to PUTRI!!we played until we fall asleep..