we cant destroy kindred, our chains stretch a little sometimes, but they never break.



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dont ever said you're failed.
cause you are'nt.
dont ever said you're useless.
cause you are'nt.
dont ever said you're not in respect anymore.
cause you are'nt.
dont ever said an apology anymore.
cause you dont make a mistake.
dont ever said you'll leave.
cause i always pray that you'll still.
dont ever cryin' in front me anymore.
cause it might kill me.
and i hope all that happened can make you more patient and though..
this is not a lover
this is more and more precious than anything.

i love you both, no matter what :')

만나서 반갑습니다 ^^

konichiwa ^^

now still 8:10 am in here and today is a gloomy day, so dark outside..
and it make too lazy to do anything, all i wanna do is just laying on my bed -_-
btw, for the 1st time i have a korean friend and im so happy :D
her name is lee so jeoung, and she's 21 years old so i called her unnie ( a named for the older sister in korea) ehehe
we met in one of the random chat sites, thats my lucky i guess, the 1st time i tried then the 1st time i've met her :p
we'll speak in english, although we're not too good in english but i said we should still keep in touch ^^
so, we exchanged the email addresses, and this is her first mail for me :

hi! my sister naya^^
Wed, March 24, 2010 9:29:58 PM
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To:Afnan Yazid

hello naya^^

i'm very happy because, i taken mail to u

umm....frankly, l can't english...ㅜㅜ

so, i asking your agreement.

i said that my name is naya, in order that she can remembered my name easily. kekeke
i guess afnan is too hard for her -__-"
its maybe because i love korean culture, like drama and the music
so im very pleased to met her :D



hmm.today's the 2nd week in march is started..yes im totally tired.honestly i hate march..
soo many troubles that i must thought about..
yes.."this place" take an important sides..
why she's always asked me to take a part in their 'dramas'.fuck
and i just doing nothing.because im too lazy too bored too blablabla to hear anything she said-_-
when she'll understand,this situation is sooooo annoying.
andddd my schedule seems no more friendly.no free day except sunday.
its 07.30, actually i should do the acc. assignment now..but i cant.
really out of mood. no one and nothing can became my mood booster right now.
even sj and friends.kekekeke..
when i'll try to do, my mind gave an alert " memory not enough,delete some data"
yesss. i guess i should care less about a thing that i shouldnt think about..
huhu i easy to get cranky, even thats just a bit annoying for me.
( no no im not on my pms period -_- )
wellwellwell, now i'll pray isya and try to start do the assg..

안녕히 주무세요 , hwaitingg! ^^


‎#1stmarchwish -_-

lets start this march with our love

we'll show to the world, how strong the power of our love

yes i do, to marry you. jonghun oppa

‎​‎​ ♥‎​‎​‎​‎​♥‎​‎​♥