good morning!

13 march 2014.
years passed. i turn 24 years old this december and growing old really not help at all to express my feeling (can i get old and start younger? xD) time goes by so fast,im on my way to reach my dream. i take all the risk..no matter what :D because human being is a deciding being. i came here just want to write some words that i always remember. and here it is..

this year i loved. this year i've lost. this year ive changed. this year was hard. but i learned a lot. i've learned that people can be fake. i've learned that people can hurt you a lot without giving a shit about it. i learned that good people can change in a minute when their heart gets broken. i've meet great people but mean poeple as well. but the most important thing i've learned is that every person in this world is strong enough to let go. to let go of that painful past of yours that broke your into million pieces. people come and go, thats life :)
the most important thing is to stand up and realize that you deserve something better than a person that gives up on you.