dan hasil ip pun keluar..

sudah saya duga.
bakal kaya gini jadinya.
perhitungan saya salah....
ip gw


*suram* ( musik kematian )
3.22 jadi 3.14
bukannya gw lebaaay, tapi karna gw tau. makin semester atas pelajaran gw makin kaya iblis semua. jadi kalo gw ga nabung ip bagus dari sekarang gimana ntar dah -__-
tapitapitapi terima kasih ya allah dan teman2 saya yg sudah membantu uas kemaren :)
i'll scan the result later
see yaaaaa


random feeling

its like for a long time, i didn't post anything in here. im busy?absolutely not! because im on my holiday now. i've spent half of my freeday in uncle and auntie's house. maybe not half, just for 10 days im didint sleep in my lovely warm bed.

fun. yeah.hmm..

maybe because there's a broken promises so that's little bit change my mood.
we can call him the big mouth -_-"
buttttt im quite pleased because aunti's became my mood booster, thank you so much *kiss ^^

soo yeah.now..im in bedroom.think what should i do while waiting for my final test score out.
yes im scary. because i know. i didn't do the test well -_________- and my stomach gets worse when i think about this.

well, i want you to know. using english in my blog doesnt mean i want to became exist or whatever is that. i just practice for my english. honestly, i feel my english's very bad. so i want to learn learn learn and learn.
lately, i dont know why, ibecameenviousofpeoplewhocancontinuetheireducationbroad, koreananddutchofcourse. stupid huh? -_-