dem dem dem

yeaa im on the sickest period ( again) im on the exam weeks. my brain seems useless.
i guess this is gonna be another hell. dont know what happen later. honestly im officially gave up.
but im hiding it behind my fake strength. and i think im sucess on it. there's so many annoying voice around.oh..im still thinking, this situation really doesnt fit for me.this kind of situation really makes me so fed up with them. not all of them, just some ppl called "namja" around me now. they're toooo different. i dont knw how their mind works.now i just realize, my brain still thinking as a child do. i dont want became an adult.this stupid yee, thats why i said my mind not as different as a kid.i feel like when im get older, my mind's works worst.i want my 3 years ago.i wanna go back to my hi school. no matter what..


this day

this day
i put on my shoes and I walk away,its a lonely road,but its such a lovely day
this day
no, i wont look back, cause its in the past,got a way to go,and my feet are walking fast away
and all that I know, is i tried so hard but its not worth fighting anymore,when all hope has gone,so im moving on ^^


tahiti 80 - heartbeat

this is the song ive listened lately :)

Enough for me is not much for you
Won't you forgive me that's all I can do
Can you feel my heartbeat
When I'm close to you

I'll never find another way to say
I love you more each day
It's quite romantic I know
That's how I wanna feel today ...
I wanna feel this way

Can you feel my heartbeat
When I'm close to you

I'll never find another way to say
I love you more each day
It's quite romantic I know
That's how I wanna feel today
I wanna feel this way, today

Can you feel my heartbeat
Can you feel my heartbeat
Can you feel my heartbeat
When I'm close to you

I'll never find, no I'll never find
Another way to say
I love you more each day.

HEY may :)

seems like its have been for a long time i didnt write anything this blog.haha well im kinda busy with all of the ASSignment -_-
ini lagi minggu uts sih sebenernya, tapi males blajarnya naujubilah dah, maunya maenn mulu ama 2 'babi' itu haha.
gara2 omegle syndrome effect, kacau banget imbasnya. dont try this site alone =.=
gw bakal ngepost dikit2 aja mungkin yah, sisanya ya mungkin gw pengen posting2 lirik lagu kali
haha gaul abis -_-



we cant destroy kindred, our chains stretch a little sometimes, but they never break.



no title

dont ever said you're failed.
cause you are'nt.
dont ever said you're useless.
cause you are'nt.
dont ever said you're not in respect anymore.
cause you are'nt.
dont ever said an apology anymore.
cause you dont make a mistake.
dont ever said you'll leave.
cause i always pray that you'll still.
dont ever cryin' in front me anymore.
cause it might kill me.
and i hope all that happened can make you more patient and though..
this is not a lover
this is more and more precious than anything.

i love you both, no matter what :')

만나서 반갑습니다 ^^

konichiwa ^^

now still 8:10 am in here and today is a gloomy day, so dark outside..
and it make too lazy to do anything, all i wanna do is just laying on my bed -_-
btw, for the 1st time i have a korean friend and im so happy :D
her name is lee so jeoung, and she's 21 years old so i called her unnie ( a named for the older sister in korea) ehehe
we met in one of the random chat sites, thats my lucky i guess, the 1st time i tried then the 1st time i've met her :p
we'll speak in english, although we're not too good in english but i said we should still keep in touch ^^
so, we exchanged the email addresses, and this is her first mail for me :

hi! my sister naya^^
Wed, March 24, 2010 9:29:58 PM
View Contact
To:Afnan Yazid

hello naya^^

i'm very happy because, i taken mail to u

umm....frankly, l can't english...ㅜㅜ

so, i asking your agreement.

i said that my name is naya, in order that she can remembered my name easily. kekeke
i guess afnan is too hard for her -__-"
its maybe because i love korean culture, like drama and the music
so im very pleased to met her :D



hmm.today's the 2nd week in march is started..yes im totally tired.honestly i hate march..
soo many troubles that i must thought about..
yes.."this place" take an important sides..
why she's always asked me to take a part in their 'dramas'.fuck
and i just doing nothing.because im too lazy too bored too blablabla to hear anything she said-_-
when she'll understand,this situation is sooooo annoying.
andddd my schedule seems no more friendly.no free day except sunday.
its 07.30, actually i should do the acc. assignment now..but i cant.
really out of mood. no one and nothing can became my mood booster right now.
even sj and friends.kekekeke..
when i'll try to do, my mind gave an alert " memory not enough,delete some data"
yesss. i guess i should care less about a thing that i shouldnt think about..
huhu i easy to get cranky, even thats just a bit annoying for me.
( no no im not on my pms period -_- )
wellwellwell, now i'll pray isya and try to start do the assg..

안녕히 주무세요 , hwaitingg! ^^


‎#1stmarchwish -_-

lets start this march with our love

we'll show to the world, how strong the power of our love

yes i do, to marry you. jonghun oppa

‎​‎​ ♥‎​‎​‎​‎​♥‎​‎​♥



dan hasil ip pun keluar..

sudah saya duga.
bakal kaya gini jadinya.
perhitungan saya salah....
ip gw


*suram* ( musik kematian )
3.22 jadi 3.14
bukannya gw lebaaay, tapi karna gw tau. makin semester atas pelajaran gw makin kaya iblis semua. jadi kalo gw ga nabung ip bagus dari sekarang gimana ntar dah -__-
tapitapitapi terima kasih ya allah dan teman2 saya yg sudah membantu uas kemaren :)
i'll scan the result later
see yaaaaa


random feeling

its like for a long time, i didn't post anything in here. im busy?absolutely not! because im on my holiday now. i've spent half of my freeday in uncle and auntie's house. maybe not half, just for 10 days im didint sleep in my lovely warm bed.

fun. yeah.hmm..

maybe because there's a broken promises so that's little bit change my mood.
we can call him the big mouth -_-"
buttttt im quite pleased because aunti's became my mood booster, thank you so much *kiss ^^

soo yeah.now..im in bedroom.think what should i do while waiting for my final test score out.
yes im scary. because i know. i didn't do the test well -_________- and my stomach gets worse when i think about this.

well, i want you to know. using english in my blog doesnt mean i want to became exist or whatever is that. i just practice for my english. honestly, i feel my english's very bad. so i want to learn learn learn and learn.
lately, i dont know why, ibecameenviousofpeoplewhocancontinuetheireducationbroad, koreananddutchofcourse. stupid huh? -_-



this 2 weeks period really killin me,seriously!

i need holiday
i need tons of dvd
i need money
i need my mood booster
i need my cute 'minnie'
i need kinda peace in here
i need a super duper earphone

-------------to be continued-------------


sujuisme (sungminie) syndrome acute

gw mau uas loh tapi pikiran gw kemana, parah emang ni. efeknya manusia2 ini.apalagi yg sendiri itu tuh. mati aja deh dia -_____-
tapi doain aja, semoga hubungan kita awet2 yaa :)

follow my looklet :D

actually, I do not like the dress that became the center of attention, I like something simple. but I am very grateful, with the existence of this looklet site, because I can show my fashion inspiration, which I can not show in my life. This is the most I like, among others. hey you people, you can also see another my collections :D just click thiss »> enter here


and my theory in this fresh year are..

1. try to never look back

2. network more make friends

3. smile more often

4. try to be my highest and my best!

5. #longlive my moron :)

6. wanna leave my old bad habits! i swear i’ll try !

i think that’s all in my mind now. maybe next i’ll write again. my hopes, my another wishes :) and It wouldn’t be new year’s if i didn’t have regrets :D

hey people,enjoy your another year to live, regards :*

goodbye 2009,HELLO 2010 :)

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR PALSSS!! wohooo, new day, new month, new year, new decade, NEW YOU! you are reborn into whatever u want!! New Life is waiting guys! im over exicted haha, actually there’s nothing special, oh no i guess i got a different eve’s :D. i just spent the new year’s eve in my besties house. putri julianti mufida. with another besties akni astari as hagrid ( her hair made me remind of him :D ). well there’s only three of us, another pigs ( maya saputri, adiesty ramanda ) spent their eve’s in lampung.

okayy, first, we started with a poker game. and the losers will got a punished (which can drop your dignity -___- ). well i’ll post the pic later ! after thaaaat (this is the most eagerly awaited) we had dinner, for this time, i thanked god, the two pigs were not here. haha so i can blindly eating !! but hey, i almost forgot. there was Hagrid —,after full, we played bubblessssss, wompaaa! so much lotta lotta fun ya know :D ( i’ll post the pic later too ) oyeaa i cant told the story in detail here. because just a feeling that can describe ahahah ( begaya! ) then we got karaoke until we almost died haha. we sang along until we knew year almost changed. so we ran outside, and saw soooooo many beautiful fireworks. and hugged each other ( D.R.A.M.A ). then we continue our poker game hmm -_- hey you know, but i love this part because i can show my revenge to PUTRI!!we played until we fall asleep..