dem dem dem

yeaa im on the sickest period ( again) im on the exam weeks. my brain seems useless.
i guess this is gonna be another hell. dont know what happen later. honestly im officially gave up.
but im hiding it behind my fake strength. and i think im sucess on it. there's so many annoying voice around.oh..im still thinking, this situation really doesnt fit for me.this kind of situation really makes me so fed up with them. not all of them, just some ppl called "namja" around me now. they're toooo different. i dont knw how their mind works.now i just realize, my brain still thinking as a child do. i dont want became an adult.this stupid yee, thats why i said my mind not as different as a kid.i feel like when im get older, my mind's works worst.i want my 3 years ago.i wanna go back to my hi school. no matter what..


this day

this day
i put on my shoes and I walk away,its a lonely road,but its such a lovely day
this day
no, i wont look back, cause its in the past,got a way to go,and my feet are walking fast away
and all that I know, is i tried so hard but its not worth fighting anymore,when all hope has gone,so im moving on ^^