UWAA! its aorund more than six months i didnt even see what happen to my blog, now im back ^^


well yea im just too lazy hehe, but beside it i have a lot of things to do! and srsly this period really driving me insane, im sick of all the assignment -____-' and also i have a lot of video that i must download then watch :p
aaaaand, its geting closer. closer...and closer. wew, i havent tell you, i'll go to bali next month, on 8 march exactly! hehe. cant wait >,< bcause i'll go there with my lovely moron! what a nice !! :D

did i tell about korean indonesia festival xD ?
its an event about korean indonesia sharing concert! and LUCKY my dumb friend maya, got the ticket!!!! WHICH SHINEE IS THE MAIN STAR! haha im going crazy at that time, we'll watch shine and we got it free!! xD and there's a moment where key of shinee waving us goodbye! no no, not for all the fans who watch it, but just for us! maya and me!!!!!!! ahaha curious? xD
after the concert, there are so many, yeah we can called it 'ababil' looking for where's shinee bus parked, its totally crowded, totally noisy and smelly of course x.x. so we decided to go home, beside that, we think, we're too old to do that :/
its raining.until we reached an conjuction and searching for taxi. for a long time! finally, we stopped the taxi, but suddenly.. there's a police, which blocking tha path of the cars. and we saw one big bus behind. we immediately have a thought, is this shinee bus? until suddenly, a man with a white pure skin open the curtains... we're freezing. both of us suddenly shouted and waved at that man. its KEY! HAHA and he waved us back, maybe he realized bcause of the lightstick we held. oh my god, after that we fell, we're not as different as tha ababil :D

ehehe sorry for the wrong grammar eh, i dont knw how to expressed that kind of feeling :D